I Love Lego Hotrods

Brick Artist. I love making LEGO® hotrods, musclecars, customs, sportscars and actually all kinds of cars. I convert my MOC builds in Lego building guides + partlists downloads (PDF) and make theme available in my shop.


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My name is Dennis, and I am a AFOL who loves cars, lego, graffiti and windsurfing. I started off as a kid in love with LEGO® , fortunately, I never grew up and my love for LEGO® continues. I especially build cars, and I have a lot of fun building so I decided to making Lego building guides of my builds. That was the start of Johnni D. #iamjohnnid #johnnid


I welcome and encourage customers to post and share pictures of my models on all social media platforms, but please be courteous and credit or tag me when doing so. I will add any pictures posted on Instagram in which I am tagged to my own Instagram story.


All models and building instructions / lego building guides are my own work and although built using LEGO® building bricks are in no way associated with, affiliated to or endorsed by The LEGO® Group.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

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Send us a email to info@johnnid.com

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